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Tip for Small Businesses: Electronic Invoicing

Have you already heard of electronic invoicing? Electronic invoicing allows you to do all your invoices online, and this includes not only sending, receiving and processing them but also the creation of your invoices.

electronic-einvoiceWhile this may not sound much at first, let me explain why electronic invoicing is beneficial.

Obviously, being able to send and to receive your invoices instantly means huge time savings and sometimes substantial financial savings for those businesses who would otherwise send invoices by postal mail.

With all invoices digital and automatically processed, this also means that no paperwork is involved any longer. Where in the past staff had to transcribe paper invoices for your accounting system, this entire step has now become obsolete. Of course there are other benefits of not having to deal with paper work, such as a smaller chance for errors and typos.

One massive advantage of electronic invoicing is that literally any step of your invoice process can now be done from a phone or notebook. This add a tremendous amount of mobility to the business. Where a business required an office, mostly only for invoicing and similar tasks, all you need now is your phone and an internet connection. You use the app your electronic invoice service provides to you and are able to to your invoices quickly wherever you happen to be.

Electronic invoicing is also a lot more convenient and easier when it comes to the management of invoices. Here too, the entire organization of your invoices can happen from your mobile device with all invoices accessible from and stored on one single location.

If you do the math and consider the low cost of electronic invoicing and the potential savings you will have from it, you will understand how it can greatly benefit your business. To learn more about electronic invoicing, you can go here for further information and help.

Glasgow School of Art Fire: Moving Digital Show Reimagines Lost Student Work

When debris was lifted from what once was the Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s building of Glasgow’s School of Art, a scene of utter devastation was revealed.

Many student’s degree work had been destroyed by the fire and most of the students put months, if not years into their projects that now had turned to nothing but smoldering rubble of ashes.

Yet, the creativity and courage of the art school’s students is unbroken. One building further down the piles of ashes, students are planning a very moving exhibition showcasing projects lost in the fiery inferno.

“The students were struggling emotionally and some of them lost everything,” says the head of the school. He had the idea of asking each of them for a single digital image, and, from inception to hanging, this show has taken 10 days to put together.

About The Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire

You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing”.

– Dale Carnegie

It is a simple fact that a talent can ONLY be nurtured and supported when someone enjoys what they’re doing and Dale Carnegie couldn’t have expressed it any more clearer.

3_2924_eSadly, this ultimate truth today is widely disregarded since the public school system, whether it is in the United Kingdom or elsewhere doesn’t really support this thinking.

Pupils from all colours of life and with all different interests and skills have to undergo the same curriculum in most public shools. Individuality is simply ignored as if it wouldn’t even exist.

Clearly, there is a reason why private independent schools in the UK are the much better choice. Because it is there, in private schools, where the individual will be able to bloom unlike anywhere else.

But supporting individual talent and skills is not all there is. Today, private schools such as the Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire have yet another, ever critical mission:

Children, when they grow up, need nurturing in a secure environment which at the same time provides clear boundaries. In today’s world that is increasingly lacking a morale, children crave direction, guidance, praise, correction and, above all, some hand holding. The best education won’t be of much use later on when children are not prepared for real life and its challenges. Children must be risen in the belief that a sound foundation gives them the confidence to be independent.

If you’re looking for the best way to have your children grow into responsible adults, independent schools such as prep schools Hertfordshire can make all the difference. Choosing the Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire means gifting your children with superior education and guidance.

New BBC Annual Music Awards

The BBC corporation has given the ok for its BBC Music Awards that will be celebrating the year’s best popular music. BBC One, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 will be uniting to celebrate the upcoming award show which will be hosted by Chris Evans and Fearne Cotton on 11 December at London’s Earls Court.

The awards will include British artist of the year and song of the year.

According to the article at the BBC homepage, a panel of BBC presenters and producers will determine the best British artist and international artist awards. Listeners and viewers of the event can choose the winning song of the year.

BBC TV channels will show a range of related programming. One highlight among many others will be the documentary Genesis: Together and Apart that is reuniting the rock band’s members.

The Singing Waiters: An Amazing Experience

If you have never seen the singing waiters in action you’re definitely missing out on something. Let me tell you that I had one of the best experiences of my life two weeks ago when I was invited to a wedding and had the fortune to see them.

The singing waiters are what some call “surprise singers” or “secret singers” and this is what makes them so unique. They can be hired for the musical entertainment for events like wedding receptions but they also do other types of events. Just ask them. They will mingle amongst your guests and at first appear just like your waiters or service staff so no-one knows they’re actually present at the reception.

When it’s the right time (and you can talk this over with them in advance what the best time is, such as right after or before dinner) they will start with their amazing performance. They will often combine this with some act too so as to draw anyone’s attention.

At the reception two weeks ago, I was very impressed with their musical skills. One of the guys had a voice which was nothing short of world-class opera level. I was then told that those guys all have trained at renowned music schools which would certainly explain their incredible skills.

You can book the singing waiters either for your entire evening’s entertainment or for their normal surprise music performance. In my opinion they beat any other type of event entertainment such as hiring a DJ but of course you can book them both. But definitely have the singing waiters perform if you want to do something really creative and unique for your guests! Highly recommended!