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The Singing Waiters: An Amazing Experience

If you have never seen the singing waiters in action you’re definitely missing out on something. Let me tell you that I had one of the best experiences of my life two weeks ago when I was invited to a wedding and had the fortune to see them.

The singing waiters are what some call “surprise singers” or “secret singers” and this is what makes them so unique. They can be hired for the musical entertainment for events like wedding receptions but they also do other types of events. Just ask them. They will mingle amongst your guests and at first appear just like your waiters or service staff so no-one knows they’re actually present at the reception.

When it’s the right time (and you can talk this over with them in advance what the best time is, such as right after or before dinner) they will start with their amazing performance. They will often combine this with some act too so as to draw anyone’s attention.

At the reception two weeks ago, I was very impressed with their musical skills. One of the guys had a voice which was nothing short of world-class opera level. I was then told that those guys all have trained at renowned music schools which would certainly explain their incredible skills.

You can book the singing waiters either for your entire evening’s entertainment or for their normal surprise music performance. In my opinion they beat any other type of event entertainment such as hiring a DJ but of course you can book them both. But definitely have the singing waiters perform if you want to do something really creative and unique for your guests! Highly recommended!